Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Journal Entry #3

I've been thinking about my research question a bit more, and there are a few more thoughts that I put down about what I'm going to be studying that I want to post here. These aren't very organized thoughts, but they are my raw thoughts and questions:

So, many studies have documented the current trend of decreasing religiosity in Britain. I'm interested in knowing people's opinions about what the people themselves consider are the reasons for this increasing secularization. Is it because of the moral restrictions religions teach? Is it because of a history of church corruption and manipulation? Is it because of the poor examples of religious leaders and recent scandals? Do they believe the arguments of secular societies that a secular viewpoint is superior and more fulfilling than religious beliefs?

Are there differences in the reasons identified for this change depending on age, sex, education, religion, and income?

What are the principal reasons for the resilience of the Catholic religion, which has higher rates of attendence among its members? (65% attend at least annually as opposed to 43% of those who consider themselves Anglican. 45% at least monthly - Catholics. Only 18% attend at least monthly of those that consider themselves Anglican) The Catholic church also shows a steady percentage (about 10%) of the population over the past three decades.

Other Christian churches also show higher levels of attendance (43% attend at least monthly), and they have maintained about 15% of the population of the country over the past three decades. What are they doing that the leaders of the Church of England aren't?

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