Thursday, June 14, 2012

All the photos I've neglected to post here...

Westminster Abbey!

Carol (hostmom), Sister Hall, and myself

Paul and Ben and...shiny reflections in our eyes

Outside the British museum with Natalie (left) 
and Ariana (right).

This guy is more than 3000 years old...

Inside the British Museum.

View from below St. Paul's...

 Me on the Millennium Bridge.  So glad Voldomort didn't really destroy it...

Liz, Aspen and I after seeing Antigone!  That's St. Paul's behind.

A rare pic of my flatmate Richard Sheppard.

Admiral Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square

St. Martins in the Fields!

Just down the road from Westminster Palace...

View of Parliamnet from the bridge...

"Can I read your Captain's blog?"

It's Justin Bieber.  And Lany!

Lany giving Hitler a piece of her mind...
 "Does it hurt?"  "Every time."

Cami Shiel came to visit! 

Buckingham palace :D

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  1. My favorite part was your quote, "Does it hurt?" "Everytime." ;)